For any and all people pursuing a field of study.
Display your work, express yourself.
The summer art festival GAKUTEN
returns for the second time.


Area Guide

  • ブースエリア

    booth area

    Featuring hundreds of individual exhibition spaces, this area can be adapted to suit the display of paintings, illustrations, photography, fashion design, sculptures and more.

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  • ライブペイントエリア

    live paint area

    This area features specially prepared, giant canvases to serve as the ideal atelier where you can present the birth of a masterpiece of the course of two days before countless admiring visitors.

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  • インスタレーションエリア

    installation area

    A unique area devoted to displaying your artistic accomplishments and your improvisational performances to the convention hall.

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  • ショーステージ

    show stage

    A stage at the very center of the venue ready to feature your fashion show, dance performance, band, comedy, drama and more.

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  • キャンパスエリア

    campus area

    A multi-purpose space populated by local and international universities to bring the experience of an open campus to you. We readily encourage free interaction between visitors and institutions alike in this casual, art festival environment.

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  • レストランエリア

    cafe area

    This is where pastry cooks, chefs and students pursuing the studies of food and nutrition have their chance to truly shine through the crafting and sale of original food and drink of their own creation.

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